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Property investment opportunities can be found in many areas across London and this is evident when we look at the history of property development over the past 100 years. As you drive through London it is evident that the property landscape is changing, but are there still property investment opportunities in prime central London which are hidden in plain sight? Would you know where to look?

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Why first-mover advantage is critical

With any type of property investment, having first-mover advantage is critical as this will impact on the potential ROI. However, proper qualitative information and expert advice is needed before critical decisions are made in order to assess the risk factors. Get it right and your future could be very bright indeed. At Luxus Häuser Estate Agents, we are working with property investors, developers, architects and UHNWI that have an interest in the London luxury property market. Our investor clients are interested in buying off-plan and buying in bulk, also renovating and restoring grand houses. We would be delighted to hear from you if you are investing in the regions that we cover which includes the super prime residential areas of Kensington, Knightsbridge and Holland Park. We know the development history of these areas and know what opportunities are currently worthy of consideration.

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Understanding Property Investing

If you are investing in property for the long haul, there are many fantastic investment opportunities in London which is seen as a very stable property market especially by overseas investors. To become a property investor requires the cultivation of a specific mindset based on property education, strategic planning, local knowledge and an awareness of property financing. There are many property networking groups in the U.K and over 2 million landlords now working in this sector which means that there is a wealth of people with the right expertise to advise. With more than 30% of Londoners currently renting their accommodation, there are opportunities for investors to compete on quality and affordability. Luxus Häuser is here to help property investors by sourcing potential deals through our awareness and contacts within the industry.

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Detecting Investment Opportunities

If you are a property investor who is looking for opportunities to add to your portfolio, you can apply to join our property network and avoid missing out on super prime opportunities. To do so, it is very easy and we will contact you whenever there are attractive investment opportunities within the areas that we cover. If you have an interest in the SW7 area, please let us know. Occasionally there are large houses with over 9000 sq ft of space in need of modernisation.

Our agency detects property investment opportunities on our patch and can help you to negotiate with the vendors which will save you a significant amount of time and money. Send an inquiry from the contact page our apply to be registered in our exclusive property network and be the first to know about great opportunities.

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