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By joining our exclusive property network and stating your investment criteria, we will help you to create long term value as a property investor. We will also help you to find the right buyer when you wish to sell your property portfolio. If you are thinking about buying investment properties in London, feel free to use our expertise to find the right deals. We provide this service for UHNW investors and institutions seeking to expand their portfolios.

First-mover advantage

With any type of opportunity, having first-mover advantage is critical because you have more time to assess the opportunity before everyone else. A large chunk of property transactions are off-market and having the right connections to make you aware of new opportunities is always useful. You may also get significant savings by being first. The pandemic has made people rethink their housing requirements going forward and this has affected the market. Some parts of central London were down since their peak in 2014 and are now recovering. Would you know where to look for the best investment opportunities as those areas recover?

At Luxus Häuser Estate Agency, we know the property landscape, the key people and the largest property developers who are active in the London property sector.

As a member of our exclusive network, you can arrange for first mover advantage on a retained basis or by random notification of available opportunities. We welcome more private and institutional investors to use the service and save time.

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