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Luxus Häuser Estate Agents offer an expedient Property Finder Service for Knightsbridge, Kensington and Holland Park to help you locate and purchase your ideal luxury property. We will guide you through the process and make recommendations that will match your specific requirements and budget.

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Knightsbrdge, Kensington or Holland Park?

Which of these areas would you prefer? Some of the best houses in central London can be found in the Holland Park area which we cover and can assist you with any property hunting or sales inquiries. What differentiates Luxus Häuser estate agency from its competitors is local knowledge, property history and our dedicated service. Today, the largest houses in Kensington with over 4000 square feet of space and a minimum of 5 bedrooms are likely to cost over £20 million, depending on the level of luxury. However, there are many 5 bedroom terraced houses for sale under £10 million and we can easily arrange a viewing. This is all part of our service where we act as your London property buying agents.

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Using our dedicated Property Finding Services

Our property finding service for Kensington, Knightsbridge and Holland Park is here to save you valuable time and effort, more important, we can save you a vast amount of money when negotiating. Your time is precious and we start immediately once terms are agreed. If you have ever bought a property, you will be familiar with the process and know that it takes many hours of constant searching and reading descriptions, checking locations, looking at comparable cost and researching the local area to find your favourite amenities. Imagine having all of that to do, whilst focusing on your job, family and other time sensitive commitments. With a dedicated property finder, you can relax and engage the process at the most critical moment when final decisions need to be made.

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Property Buying Agents central London

Our home finders will discuss the current market conditions with you and give you all the help you need. A property buying agent will save you a tremendous amount of money compared to someone attempting to negotiate with an estate agent or vendor, on their own. We have access to far more data and we can identify the critical details much faster as trained professionals. The best part, is that we know our niche extremely well and how to negotiate a house price.

This service is available for transactions over £2.5 million and requires you to pay a sum in advance. For full terms and conditions please send an inquiry.

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