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Use these proven techniques to boost value

Below are 3 important tweaks which will show you how to boost the value of your home when placing it on the market for sale. We discuss the benefit of Staging, Intuitive Pricing and also improving the EPC rating before the sale. We cannot emphasize enough how important each of these measures are when selling your home.


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Why staging is important in a buyers market

Staged properties sell for more money and much quicker than the rest, it is the quickest way to boost the value of your home. As a potential buyer arrives at the front of the house, the property must have that all-important kerb appeal, then, as they enter the building, the house needs to feel light, bright and welcoming. A buyer needs to feel that they can see themselves living at this address right now, this means that each seller needs to remove their personality from the property and present a neutral environment, which can easily be absorbed by the visitor. It is not about you, it is about impressing the buyer. We can show you how to do this with very little effort and transform your property to attract the best offers. Alternatively, we can recommend professional staging companies and luxury interior designers.

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What are the best pricing strategies

How does your property compare with other similar properties nearby? Will there be a buying frenzy from the first week when the details are published? The difficulty for each seller is making the critical decision whether to use just one estate agent and which agency will be the most likely to sell the property. This decision will often be determined by the valuation given and your assessment of the market. Most estate agents use just one method of pricing, which is by comparing the price of recently sold properties and pitching at a level where your property will appear to be good value. Our company uses 3 different methods to price a property and we can discuss these in more detail as part of our free property advisory service.

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The benefit of a great EPC rating

Imagine visiting the above property and seeing a luxurious interior, then finding out later that it isn't energy efficient, with an EPC rating F. This is all too common with older properties. Since April 2018, new laws required properties to have a minimum standard of energy efficiency, so before any marketing begins there is a legal requirement for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Buyers want to be assured that your property will not have excessive running cost, therefore a good EPC rating will be attractive and likely to boost value. According to the latest data, it could take on average up to 10 weeks to sell a property in the U.K, we can help you to get an EPC certificate and advise you on the best tweaks.

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