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My name is Gene Lewis, founder & CEO of Luxus Häuser Estate Agents. I set up Luxus Häuser Estate Agency to provide more help for sellers and a property finder service for buyers that are looking for very specific luxury properties. We are a small team that competes against the larger well known estate agents by offering a niche based service in areas where we have expertise. For more information about me you can read my full profile on LinkedIn . This describes my 12 years in property management, professional qualifications, selling skills and Patent etc,.

I have always had an interest in London property from an architectural perspective and became totally immersed in learning about the areas that we cover. I have studied the history of places like Mayfair, Belgravia, Kensington, Knightsbridge and Holland Park to understand the transformation of estates such as the Phillimore Estate (W8), Hans Town (SW3), the Listowel Estate (SW7) and many others. This included the vast stucco based property development by Sir Charles Freake in South Kensington and the beautiful red brick mansions by Norman Shaw who started a trend with Albert Hall Mansions in 1879.

This research was so enjoyable that I went out, walked through the entire landscape and took over 800 photos which was uploaded to Google local guides. I also joined the Friends of Holland Park and went on a local tour. Much of my time is spent helping clients in Holland Park and Kensington to boost the value of their property. Knowing the history of the houses, architectural styles, distinguished occupants etc, create much more interest. This is where we add value as a specialist in luxury properties.

Why Does This Matter?

I know from personal experience how it feels when a property remains unsold and I also remember the elation when it finally sells. The luxury property sector is highly competitive and the difference between success and failure really depends on who you choose as your agent. The agent's character and confidence on the phone and face to face with a potential buyer can be the most pivotal point in closing a deal.

As a client, you can expect an estate agency which has extended its reach beyond the main property portals and harnessed the power of digital marketing to find buyers. You will also receive a service which is more personable and accessible rather than automated, this means that appointments will be made when it suits you.

The Best Part?

We pre-qualify all buyers before they see your property.

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