About us

My name is Gene Lewis, founder & CEO of Luxus Häuser Estate Agents. For some more information about me you can read my full profile on LinkedIn . This describes my 12 years in property management, my professional qualifications as well as Patent etc,.

With a personal passion for property, since 2016 I have conducted a significant amount of research on the architectural history of central London. This has helped me to understand the journey that led to our current landscape as well as gain an appreciation of classical architecture. I also studied the history of places like Mayfair, Belgravia, Kensington, Knightsbridge and Holland Park to understand the transformation of estates such as the Phillimore Estate, Hans Town and the Listowel Estate. Next, was the vast stucco based property development by Sir Charles Freake in South Kensington and the beautiful red brick mansions by Norman Shaw who started a trend with Albert Hall Mansions in 1879. This was so enjoyable that I went out and walked through the entire landscape and took over 800 photos which was uploaded to Google local guides. This made it easier to recognise the hallmarks of various building phases, construction types, styles, etc, and local landmarks.

Using this insight, I set up Luxus Häuser Estate Agency to provide a service for sellers and a property finder service for buyers. Our customers do not have the time to trawl through lots of data and compare prices, options, reviews etc; they tell us what they want and we provide a dedicated service to deliver and impress.

Why Does This Matter?

There are many factors as to why a property takes time to sell, one of the major factors is ‘who’ is marketing the property on your behalf and ‘how’ it is being marketed. Placing an advert online is no longer enough, especially in the luxury property sector. It is important the agent involved has direct access to buyers or investors to speed up the process.

To achieve this goal, we have farmed a long list of active investors, developers and legal companies with property divisions and invited them to join our exclusive property network. Members are informed about properties before anyone else and we are also informed of sellers, as a reciprocal benefit. We also have an engaging campaign across specific digital marketing channels. This creates a buying funnel and makes it easier for us to match specific buyers with available stock. Furthermore, we do prospecting on behalf of our property investors who are looking for opportunities in central London.

In addition to helping sellers, Luxus Häuser has a dedicated Property Finder Service. This is an exclusive service for the high-end luxury sector in London as we cover Knightsbridge, Kensington and Holland Park. The service is designed to help you find the most luxurious properties and assist you with the negotiating and acquisition process.

The Best Part?

We have reduced the time it takes to match buyers with sellers and will be delighted to receive your enquiry.

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Luxus Häuser Property Network

Find property before it comes on the market. Be first! Apply to join Luxus Häuser Property Network if you are likely to buy or sell property in central London. Prices starting from £2.5m and above.