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My name is Gene Lewis, founder & CEO of Luxus Häuser Estate Agents. I set up Luxus Häuser Estate Agency to help investors who are looking for income generating real estate in London and sellers looking for a sale at the right price. This is a highly specialised niche at the level in which this business operates because our clients are HNWI and have very specific requirements. I have built a quality network which covers the full spectrum of property matters and provide a responsive service which enables you to move forward with your plans.

Our company presents investors with unique opportunities including large property portfolios and other sought after real estate. For more information about me you can read my full profile on LinkedIn. This describes my 12 years in property management, professional qualifications, selling skills and Patent etc,.

As a client, you will receive a service which is more personable and accessible rather than automated, this means that appointments will be made when it suits you.

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Luxus Häuser Property Network

There is nothing worse than missing an opportunity. Join Luxus Häuser Property Network if you are looking to buy or sell property in London. Prices starting from £2.5m.