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Property Investment Opportunities

Property investment opportunities can be found in exclusive areas across London as the demand for more affordable housing increases. In the last two decades there has been a huge interest in buy-to-let and buy-to-sell properties as investments as they offer both income and the potential for capital growth. The London property market is seen as a stable and reliable investment opportunity, especially by overseas property investors. In 2017, going forward, there are many areas experiencing regeneration with new Crossrail stations to enable reduced commuting times to central London. Property prices in those areas are likely to show a progressive increase and, as a result, many property developers are already showing interest to invest in these lucrative areas. As you drive through London, it is evident that the property landscape is changing considerably. Being ahead of the curve and securing the best deal can result in amazing returns on investments in these areas.

Investing in London Property

With any type of property investment, having first-mover advantage is critical as this will impact on the potential ROI. However, proper qualitative information and expert advice is needed before critical decisions are made in order to assess the risk factors. Get it right and your future could be very bright indeed. Luxus Häuser Group attends many property networking events and has many contacts within the industry. We also trawl through a substantial amount of pricing data to assess the value of specific opportunities for investing.

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Understanding Property Investing

If you are investing in property for the long haul, there are many fantastic investment opportunities in London. For example, if you had bought an apartment on Sloane Street in 2001, it would have cost approximately £925,000; however, in 2016 the value has increased to £6.5 million. If we look at another example in Cadogan Gardens, an apartment that was bought in October 2000 for £1.6 million was recently sold in August 2016 for £8.5 million. You can easily do the maths to factor in any rental income during that period. Further research also indicates that the London boroughs with the greatest price increases over the last 20 years have been Southwark, Lambeth and Lewisham. With more than 30% of Londoners currently renting their accommodation, as a property investor, it is important to have current data on property yields for specific areas, as this forms the basis of any strategic planning. Going forward, many potential investors are cautious because of Brexit concerns and the effect on London property prices – this is totally understandable. Luxus Häuser Group is here to help property investors by sourcing potential deals through our awareness and contacts within the industry and by selling luxury London apartments to institutional investors and HNWI clients.

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Further Property Investment Opportunities

There are a number of attractive property investment opportunities in London which surface from time to time and, whilst the majority of new property investors look at the simplicity of buy-to-let, there are other options to consider such as buy-to-sell, ground rent investments and many more. London is currently going through a property development boom as developers undertake many large regeneration projects across the capital. As construction technology improves, property developers have become increasingly ambitious, to the point where projects will soon include transforming entire streets in order to optimise the space.

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Luxus Häuser Group Estate Agent Services

At Luxus Häuser Group, we are working with property investors, developers, architects and HNWI who have an interest in the London property market. Our investor clients are interested in buying off-plan and buying in bulk, which means several units in the most desirable developments. Our service is more than regular estate agent services; it is about making the connection between all parties so that you obtain the best deal. We can advertise your development on our platform, which has excellent rankings for central London and can help you to attract the right buyers for your apartments. There are lots of new luxury developments in central London, which means lots of pricing pressure to make a good ROI, this is where you can benefit from using our services. Call us now or send an inquiry and see how our estate agency can add value to your new development.

Please note that we are not financial advisers or property investment strategist and whilst every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the above information, our company accepts no responsibility for decisions made on the basis of this information.