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Advice on selling a house

Everyone could use some help and free advice to sell their home and our estate agency is here to do just that. We sell houses in central London and also in suburbs like Northwood, Moor Park and Watford.

First, imagine that you have been patiently counting down your last 5 years until retirement and with one year left you just want to sell your house and live by the seaside. You have lived in the home for many years and now you want the best price and a quick sale. Your initial thoughts may include assessing the option of doing your own conveyancing to save money on the estate agent fees, it may also include research to check the level of fees charged by most agents. What may surprise you is that the U.K actually has some of the lowest estate agent fees in Europe. In many countries the average fee is around 5% and this can be much more depending on the VAT equivalent in that country. Estate agent fees in London can range from around 1% up to around 4% depending on the contract terms plus VAT, etc. As you start to do the maths, it may seem like a substantial saving can be made if you were to represent yourself and try to sell the property. However, the reality is that selling anything requires lots and lots of research and a wide skillset to achieve the best price, which is why many vendors still use estate agents despite all the unfavourable publicity and the competition from new online property portals. Hiring a trained professional comes at a cost, but the results can totally justify the spend as you are able to focus on moving into your new home and starting a new chapter.

How To Present A House For Sale

There’s an art to selling anything and it all comes down to one critical factor which is presentation. This is not the only factor, but a seller cannot fall at this first hurdle and recover the initiative to obtain the best price. Staged properties sell for more money and much quicker than the rest. As a potential buyer arrives at the front of the house, the property must have that all important kerb appeal, then as they enter the property the house needs to feel light and bright and welcoming. A buyer needs to feel that they can see themselves living at this address right now, this means that each seller needs to remove their personality from the property and present a neutral environment which can easily be absorbed by the visitor. It's not about you, it's about impressing the buyer. Our estate agents can explain this to you in more details during the initial consultation. Presentation, presentation, presentation.

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Quite often, we walk into a shop and will see something behind a glass cabinet and you can bet that the price will be much more than if the same product was taken out from the cabinet and placed amongst all the other similar ones for sale. It’s all about the presentation which is designed to attract the attention of any potential buyers. If the presentation strategy works, then the other components will usually become much easier to make the sale. Whether it is a second hand car, a second hand musical instrument, antiques, used jewellery, a bike or even something much bigger like a house; they are all dependent on being well presented to gain the attention and interest of a buyer.

Estate agent services

At Luxus Häuser Group, we understand presentation and specialise in the sale of large houses and luxury property.

As you work with our estate agency, you will appreciate this experience as the more complex requirements are easily resolved. We are licensed members of the National Association of Estate Agents which means that you can expect a certain level of quality assurance in the way which your home is assessed and presented for sale. Certified estate agents have a wide remit which includes knowledge of the following areas:

  • Basic Contract Laws, the Estate Agents Act 1979, Town & Country Planning Act 1990, Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, UTCCR 1999, etc, etc,.
  • Knowledge of residential property styles, foundations, floors, walls, roofs, windows, etc,.
  • Common building defects, foundation failure, roof problems, movement in walls, windows construction, warranty and certification schemes, etc,.
  • Factors affecting property value, market appraisal, marketing, methods of sale, etc,.

These are just a snapshot of the basic competencies which can be expected when you hire a certified estate agent to sell your property. Surprisingly, there are many estate agents on some of the main property portals which do not appear to have membership of the NAEA or any Ombudsman scheme for redress.

When instructed, we will conduct a basic property inspection, however before any marketing is carried out, there is a legal requirement for you to have an EPC or Energy Performance Certificate for the property. We ask all our clients to obtain this from a domestic energy assessor and to improve the property rating where possible before placing the house on the market. We also conduct an inspection before deciding if the property is ready for sale and will make a number of suggestions about areas where some tweaks can improve the prospect of a quick sale. Nowadays, there are many estate agent shows on television which cover advice on how to sell houses and they usually start with reducing the amount of unwanted clutter and arranging a thorough clean up of the entire property. The good news is that there are many companies which can do a deep clean for a reasonable price and we would suggest that you make inquiries before contacting us for an appointment.

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Marketing Your Property For Sale

Next, is marketing your property for sale. Once you have worked through the initial hurdles mentioned earlier, we will start marketing immediately if you decide to hire us as your estate agent. We will then arrange for some quality high resolution photos of the best features to be taken. They will be uploaded to our main property portals which include Zoopla, The Times, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times, Prime Location and Mumsnet. We also have a large social media network which includes Instagram and Twitter, plus many contacts who are property investors and potential buyers. Right now, there are many property investors who are back in the market since the devaluation of the pound in June. They are looking for specific properties to add to their portfolio and it is always possible that your property may just be what they are looking for. In addition, there are many other potential buyers who are looking for property in London, especially homes close to tube/train stations and homes close to key attractions in central London. Send us an inquiry and let's arrange to see your property.