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Selling real estate requires extensive research and a wide skillset to present the property and achieve the best price. An experienced estate agency will know how to prepare and price your property for sale. However, not all agents give each property the same amount of attention to detail and using a larger well known estate agency is no guarantee that your home will be sold within the first few weeks. The problem for each seller is that the longer it remains unsold, the more stressful the situation becomes as all plans for moving are delayed. Many sellers then withdraw their property from the market and become disillusioned about the process. Luxus Häuser Group sells properties in prime locations and will help you to sell your property.


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How to Present a House for Sale

Staged properties sell for more money and much quicker than the rest. As a potential buyer arrives at the front of the house, the property must have that all-important kerb appeal, then, as they enter the building, the house needs to feel light, bright and welcoming. A buyer needs to feel that they can see themselves living at this address right now, this means that each seller needs to remove their personality from the property and present a neutral environment, which can easily be absorbed by the visitor. It is not about you, it is about impressing the buyer. This is an area where you can benefit from using our expertise to guide you through the presentation.

Property Advisory Services

We are here to help you to sell your property, almost like having a friend that you can contact for advice, with the added benefit that we are qualified. We are members of the National Association of estate agents and more important is that we are very easy to talk to and work through any issues about the property. In central London, we also have a property network which includes professional staging services and renowned interior design specialist. With our intervention, we can look at a property which has been on the market for a long time with another estate agency and introduce you to various services to enhance the presentation of your luxury property.

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Assessing Your Property for Sale

How much do you think your home is worth right now? Do you know how many similar properties are on the market within half a mile? What's the EPC rating for your property? Before any marketing begins there is a legal requirement for you to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the property. We ask all our clients to obtain this and to improve the property rating where possible. Some sales have fallen through after offers are made because of items that ought to have been rectified before placing the property on the market. We can guide you through this process and tell you more about the current value of your property and what competition you will face in the local area.

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