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Luxus Häuser Group provides estate agent services in central London, including prime residential areas of Knightsbridge, Kensington, Holland Park and Notting Hill.

Luxus Häuser Estate Agents

As members of the National Association of Estate Agents, you can expect an exemplary service from our company. Utilising our expert knowledge of property type, style and construction, your home will be marketed using language crafted to heighten its qualities and encourage potential buyers.

Extensive Client Portfolio

We have an extensive portfolio of clients interested in purchasing large, spacious houses and luxury apartments in central London. This means we are looking for properties to meet this demand, especially large detached houses with amazing character and a history. There is also a current demand for apartments in great condition.

Valuing Your Property

Arranging a valuation is a simple process, all you need to do is send us an inquiry and we can arrange an appointment at your convenience. Our experts will discuss the current market conditions with you and give you all the help you need.

Official partners

Competitive chartered service

Our competitive prices and chartered service represent incredible value with easily understandable contract terms. . Our company treats its customer in the manner that we would like to be treated if we were buying or selling a property, this means that everything is explained in simple terms with one inclusive fee.

Luxury Property in London

Our property finder service saves you valuable time if you are looking for luxury property in Knightsbridge, Kensington and Holland Park. Our company acts as London buying agents for the super prime market to assist you in finding the best luxury property as an investment or family home.

Negotiating the Best Price

By understanding the seller or buyer’s circumstances we have developed an intuitive approach to negotiating and closing a deal which often results in significant savings when purchasing luxury property in central London.

London Prime Real Estate Agents Services


To act as your sole agency we charge a fee of 1.6%, which includes VAT. Our estate agency offers a chartered service in specific London property hotspots that we know very well. Luxus Häuser Group places more emphasis on simple contact terms with an inclusive fee rather than a fee structure with numerous additional charges.

For details on our Property Finder service for central London, please send an email with an initial briefing and we will assess and advise on the total cost. Early intervention and quality estate agent advice will help to ensure that your dream property is found quickly.

Suburban Services

Our estate agency service extends into the prime locations of Moor Park estate and Northwood. These luxurious areas have larger properties with front driveways to park all your cars and, large rear gardens entertaining guests. The property landscape in these areas is very different from central London, giving us the opportunity to provide options for clients who are looking to upscale at a lower cost.


Northwood Properties

Northwood is currently one of the most sought after areas that we cover. We have an office just 10 minutes away and provide free valuations in this area. We are also looking for more properties for sale in Northwood and have a dedicated website for the service in this area.

Detached Houses in Moor Park

The Moor Park private estate has many large detached houses and a London Tube station. It is also close to a championship Golf course and a great mansion for hosting special events. It is a well managed estate in a conservation area offering an exceptional selection of properties.

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