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Estate Agents Central London

Luxus Häuser Group provides estate agent services in central London, including estate agents for Knightsbridge, Kensington and Holland Park. We sell large houses and luxury flats. Our estate agents understand the art of selling property and can help you to obtain the maximum price by having qualitative data on the most recent sold properties. Using our estate agents knowledge of property type, style and construction, you can expect your home to be marketed in a language which makes it profoundly attractive to a potential buyer. We have excellent contacts who are buying large spacious houses and luxury apartments in central London and are looking for clients who would like to sell. You can send us an inquiry with a description of your property and arrange a valuation quite easily. More important, our estate agent fees represent good value and our contract terms are easy to understand. We also include many additional services at no extra cost and would be happy to answer any questions when you contact us.

Luxury Property London

The luxury property market is one of the most competitive with hundreds of estate agents in central London covering the property hotspots. As our client, you will be hiring a company that knows how to present property for sale to ensure that it looks appealing and attractive to a discerning buyer. We understand the architecture of large houses and how the city was developed by the influence of a variety of styles including Gothic, Palladianism, neo-classical influences during the Victorian period and modernism. Luxus Häuser Group has a different outlook on the luxury property market for 2017 as our agents collate a substantial amount of information on properties being sold and the current trends. You can also use our property finder service if your are looking for luxury property in Knightsbridge, Kensington, Holland Park.

London Estate Agents Services

To act as your sole agency we charge a fee of 1.6% which includes VAT. Where there are multiple estate agents involved the fee is increased. Our estate agency offers a chartered service in specific London property hotspots that we know very well. If you are in the process of placing your property on the market, we would like to hear from you. Early intervention and quality estate agents advice will help to ensure that the property is well presented for sale. Our estate agency places more emphasis on the total size in square feet, as this helps international buyers to understand the property for sale. If you are looking for estate agents that cover central London, Holland Park, Notting Hill, Knightsbridge or Kensington, we would be happy to have a look at your property. A valuation can be arrange quite easily, please send an inquiry with your property details and we will arrange an appointment. Property valuations are completely free. An estate agent will discuss the current market conditions and give you all the help you need.

More Estate Agent Services

We also provide estate agent services in Moor Park, Northwood and Watford where you will find luxurious homes with larger gardens for having fun with the family or entertaining guests. The property landscape in these areas is very different from central London and this gives us the opportunity to provide options for clients who are looking to upscale at a lower cost. Northwood is currently one of the most sought after areas to live and you will be amazed by the size of property for sale and the external space to park your cars. The Moor Park private estate has lots of detached houses and a London Tube station. If you are moving to any of those areas and need an estate agent, send an inquiry for a free consultation. We are members of the National Association of Estate agents (NAEA) and the Ombudsman Service for property.

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