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Luxus Häuser Estate Agents London

Luxus Häuser provides estate agent services in Kensington, Knightsbridge, Holland Park and two very attractive suburban areas. We also run a dedicated property finder service in central London to help you find great opportunities for investment or residence.

Suburban Services

Our estate agency service extends into the prime locations of Moor Park estate and Northwood. These luxurious areas have large detached houses with front driveways to park your cars and, long rear gardens for entertaining guests. This gives us the opportunity to provide options for clients who are looking to upscale from central London at a lower cost.

Northwood Properties

Northwood is currently one of the most sought after areas that we cover. There is a variety of detached properties and you are likely to find lovely 4 bedroom houses for under £1.5 million. We are also looking for more properties for sale in Northwood and have a dedicated website for this area.

Detached Houses in Moor Park

The Moor Park private estate has many large detached houses and a London Tube station. It is also close to a championship Golf course and a great mansion for hosting special events. It is a well managed estate in a conservation area offering an exceptional selection of properties.


Academy Gardens

Phillimore Place

Lexham Gardens

Hornton Street

Campden Hill Court

Kensington Court

Chatsworth Court




Abbotsbury Road

Oakwood Court

St Mary Abbots Court

Warwick Gardens

Kensington High Street

Edith Road

Lord Kensington House


Queen's Gate

Rutland Gate

Ennismore Gardens

Montpelier Square

Albert Court

Onslow Gardens

Gloucester Road


Our companies

Luxury Estate Agents

As members of the National Association of Estate Agents, you can expect an exemplary service from our company. Luxus Häuser estate agency was set up to help clients that are having difficulty in selling luxury property. Our service is used by many companies and wealthy VIP clients because of our expertise and contacts in the luxury sector.

Extensive Client Portfolio

Since launching Luxus Häuser property network we have extended our reach across the property landscape to reduce the time taken to match buyers with sellers. Our network includes property investors, property developers, property buying agents in London and many companies that are active in the Knightsbridge and Kensington area.

Property Advisory Service

If your property remains unsold after many months on the market with your current estate agent, it may be time to try a different approach. Our property advisory service will give you a free assessment and make recommendations to attract new interest and get your property sold. Call us before you consider reducing the price.

Luxus Häuser Estate Agents London

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